JTM presents a course of instruction titled “Military Medic to EMT Course”. Overall, the course has the same educational standards and requirements as our traditional EMT course, with a very specific focus on the military medic professional.

The Military Medic to EMT Course (MM2EMT) is a program designed to streamline a process for currently qualified military medics to become eligible to obtain a state or nationally recognized Emergency Medical Technician certification. This program evaluates the basic didactic and practical application components for medical “medic” providers in each of the uniformed services. There are many parallels in the knowledge, skills, and abilities found in the military medic clinical career fields when they are compared to the standards required to be eligible for certification as an emergency medical technician. Healthcare providers who are active in the military clinical settings listed below would be eligible to participate in this program.


Below is a current list of eligible persons for the Military Medic to EMT Course:

  • US Navy
    Hospital Corpsman – NEC0000 (8401, 8402, 8403, 8404, 8427)
  • US Army
    Healthcare Specialist – 68 W
  • US Air Force
    Aerospace Medical Services – 4N0X1
  • Coast Guard
    Health Services Technician – HS

All applicants will be carefully screened to ensure that they hold the correct military skill identifiers and serve in a primary clinical capacity. Typically, the person applying to participate in this program will be required to submit professional military transcripts from local medical control or the Unit training manager showing proof the uniformed medic has, in fact, has received training equal to the EMT training requirements for the required practical skills.

The course tuition includes all online training courses, textbooks & reference materials. Tuition also includes admittance into the Skills Verification Day that will be coordinated at the conclusion of the online/didactic portion of the course.

There are three major pieces to the MM2EMT program.

  1. Every student within this program is required to complete 100% of the online program before being allowed to participate in EMT skills testing.
  2. Students are required to complete a minimum of one 12-hour observation shift in either a hospital emergency department or ambulance ride-along.
  3. Students are required to participate in a Skills Verification day. Skill Verification is a one-day evaluation of the Military Medic’s knowledge, skills and abilities as they relate to the EMT program. The Skills Verification is NOT an instructional session; rather it is a time where the uniformed medic is expected arrive a working knowledge and ability to complete each required task at an acceptable standard. Practice psycomotor testing documentation will be provided (similar to any EMT course) so that uniformed medic will know exactly what is expected during the evaluation day. Testing will meet and/or exceed the standards set forth by the National Registry.

All students that successfully complete JTM’s MM2EMT course are eligible to take the National Registry of EMT’s EMT certification test through PearsonVue, a 3rd party testing center. (Testing fees not included in the MM2EMT tuition)

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