The TECC for Medical Providers course includes a full understanding of life-saving principles, skills and how to use the components of the Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) under stressful conditions.  Students will  have the opportunity to train alongside Law Enforcement Officers to save lives that otherwise might be lost during the traditional ‘scene safe’ EMS response.

TECC for Medical Providers is designed to teach and reinforce basic skills in caring for the public, themselves and others in direct and indirect threat environments. The training offers an in-depth knowledge and skills proficiency using the Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) guidelines, the civilian adaptation of the military Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).

(MAXIMUM 24 Students)


WHO SHOULD ATTEND?  WHO SHOULD ATTEND?  This course is intended for currently certified and/or licensed medical professionals to include physicians, physician assistants, nurses, paramedics, advanced EMT’s, EMT’s and medically qualified fire fighters.

STUDENT PREREQUISITES:  This school is PHYSICALLY DEMANDING!  Prospective applicants will be expected to lift heavy objects, function in confined spaces, and be required to move & communicate under stressful conditions. 

TUITION INCLUDES:  This course includes all training courses, textbooks & reference materials, classroom & field instruction.

Each student will be issued a new Individual First Aid Kit upon course completion.

SUCCESSFUL COURSE COMPLETION:  This is a 16+ contact hour school.  Contact hours = Actual instruction time in the classroom and on the range.  It does not include travel between lodging and training site, breaks, meals and clean up. 100% attendance is mandatory for successful school completion.  The school should be considered a full-time endeavor.  It is unreasonable to expect successful completion if engaged in any additional activities during the school term.

STUDENT ATTIRE:  Attendees are encouraged to wear the clothing that best represents the attire required for their jobs. For the field training, please bring clothing in which the student can actively participate in real-world scenarios that will get soiled with dirt and artificial blood.

FOOD & LUNCHES:  Approximately 30 minutes will be given each day to eat lunch in the training facility or on the range.  Student refrigerators and microwaves are available for use.  Sodas, sports drinks & bottled water are available for purchase.

ADMINISTRATIVE NEEDS: Individual medical providers may contact JTM’s Registration Office directly for signing up for the TECC-MED course.  Interested organizations must complete a Customer Information Sheet (page 5) and submit it via mail or fax.  A JTM training specialist will make direct contact to the requesting unit’s selected point of contact.

TUITION:  Students should bring their method of payment with them on the first day of training, unless prepayment of the course had been arranged.  Detailed receipts will be provided for all students attending JTM Training Group courses.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Visa, MasterCard, Cash and Purchase Order/Contract

CURRICULUM:  The course focuses on simple actions Medical Providers can take, alone and in conjunction with Law Enforcement, to reduce preventable causes of death in direct and indirect threat situations.

In skill lanes, the student will properly demonstrate: manual airway management, tourniquet application, wound packing with hemostatic agents, application of chest seals and wound dressing with pressure bandages and other techniques under the TECC guidelines. Students will practice these basic methods of care on themselves and others under the direction of an instructor.


  • Day 1: 0800 – 1700
  • Day 2: 0800 – 1700


  • Pants with belt loops and belt
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Non-skid footwear with closed toe
  • Ballistic ‘wraparound’ eye protection (clear)
  • High quality flashlight with rear button on/off
  • Notepad/Pen
  • Water bottle
  • Agency issued ballistic vest and/or helmet
  • Tactical gloves


For general questions regarding the training programs available through JTM Training Group please call us during business hours 8am – 5pm PST.

If you are looking for maps, training applications, etc., you will find them on our comprehensive website.

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All course information including applications,

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