PHTLS Hybrid

Course Synopsis: Course synopsis: PHTLS hybrid course is for providers who have the need to continue their education in the treatment of trauma patients. This indispensable program is designed to enhance and increase knowledge and skill in delivering critical care in the pre-hospital environment. This PHTLS Hybrid course is composed of two parts:

  1. Part one is an online comprehensive course purchased, accessed, and completed at
  1. Part two is a JTM instructor-led course review, hands-on skills where students practice and complete various skills, and a written evaluation.

Course Objectives: PHTLS courses goals are to improve the quality of trauma care in your area and decrease mortality. The program is based on a pre-hospital trauma care philosophy, stressing the treatment of the multi-system trauma patient as a unique entity with specific needs.  This may require an approach to the trauma patient that varies from traditional treatment modalities.

Audience:                                       EMS Providers

Part 2 PHTLS Course Prerequisites:

Persons wishing to enroll will need to provide a certificate of completion of the PHTLS Hybrid, Part 1.

Certification:                                  PHTLS Course Completion Certificate/Card valid for 4 years

Part 2 Course Length:                  8 Hours (1 Day)

Part 2 Cost:                                    $150

Minimum capacity seating:          6 Course Participants

Maximum capacity seating:         24 Course Participants


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