JTM, My wife found our 15 month old son face down and unconscious in a kiddie pool yesterday. She immediately gave him mouth to mouth […]

Thank you so much for hosting our 1st “Military Experience” field trip for my Military History Class. I believe our students had one of the […]

“Nailed it!” Gaddy/USAF PJ “Absolutely amazing course that will help me personally while deployed overseas or back home. Absolutely met my expectations! I’m amazed at […]

I recently attended the JTM SOF Medic Refresher. I was given an option of medical course to attend and I primarily chose JTM because they […]

After Action/JTM Advanced Ground Tactics Course The first day was spent on pistol fundamentals. Things emphasized were proper grip and marksmanship. The trainees started out […]

JTM, The 212 RQS thoroughly enjoyed the professionalism and support provided by the JTM instructors and support staff and is looking to utilize their expertise […]

Good evening!  I wanted to thank you all one more time and express how absolutely blown-away and impressed I was with the course.  This is by […]

Jim, It was good talking with you earlier today and wanted to reiterate the importance of the training JTM provides when I learned of a […]

To whom it May Concern, I recently had the amazing honor to attend a military medic class. Not just any class, but an Intermediate Tactical […]

I didn’t know what to expect from the Tactical Care and Casualty Course, knowing I had plenty of medical experience and very little tactical knowledge. […]

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