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Employment Opportunities for JTM Training Group, Las Vegas Training Center

1.  Now Hiring for Amputee Role Player Position 

Compensation:           Hourly/Part-Time

Pay Rate:                       $17.50/hr – $25/hr

JTM is now hiring for the position of Enhanced Role Player in support of Military and Federal Law Enforcement Training events conducted in Las Vegas, NV and locations worldwide.

JTM Training Group continues to provide a high-level of combat medicine training, advanced weapons courses and full-mission profile support. Our unique locations, elite cadre and specialized curriculum have long been recognized as an industry leader. JTM continues to flex its lessons, equipment and personnel to best suit our customers training requirements in the joint environment.

•Special Skills/Conditions Required:

  • Amputation of extremity without underlying medical conditions
  • Able to successfully pass a background check and drug screen test

•Duties Include:

  • Working as a highly talented, motivated and flexible casualty, general role player as needed to complete high-level scenario replication for civilian, military and law enforcement personnel during pre-mission training operations. No experience required.

Interested parties may contact:

Human Resources Department

Tanya Mitchell, HR & Finance Manager

(888)374-7808, ext.704


Download: Enhanced RP Job Announcement


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